Step 1


No Corporation Encore at Woodmen Ridge Apartment Homes


Qualifications to lease include:

  1. Lessee must be at least 18 years of age

  2. Satisfactory rental history

  3. Satisfactory credit history

  4. Income must be equal to two and half times the amount of rent verified by the three most recent pay stubs. Equivalent verifiable assets may also be used to meet qualifying requirements by providing proof of other income

  5. Any bankruptcy must be at least one year old and satisfactory credit reestablished; a guarantor may be considered

  6. Any applicant with less than three months at their job or currently unemployed may be considered with an extra deposit

  7. Any applicant that receives an Approved w/Conditions in their credit scoring will be required to pay an additional deposit of $500 or have a qualified co-signer, or both